Placement Process

Many organizations who conducted Campus interview in Colleges are facing problems ; some of them is

  • Escalated cost per recruit; Campus Interview system need minimum of 1500 + in a single Campus to recruit fresher’s; as these day’s many colleges have sprout around making it difficult for the HR teams to visit each and every college.
  • There is an average of 68 students to recruit from the campus which becomes a difficult task to recruit outstanding candidate through Campus Interview.


  •  High rate of Fresher’s attrition who joined job within a year
  •  Low Morales among fresher to any given task at work

There are many such problems
Looking at these problems we designed a system that would let users to find right candidates and job seeker the right job.
Hence Grades180 conducts “Camp Up” in even all colleges no matter big or small , rural or urban and ensure the fair competition to recruit fresher’s alike from all colleges.

  • Grades180 Conducts “Camp Up” Fair where JobQ assessment is written in colleges and issues 1year subscription account to all who scores cut off or above score in the assessment.
  • Recruiter shares job openings with Grades180.
  • Grades180 shares “walk in call letter” to each candidate through his grades180 account and email notification’s.
  • Recruiters recruit based upon JobQ and their internal test


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