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  • Toppers Recruitment
  • Training and Onboarding
  • Commercial support
  • Customization services

Toppers Recruitment

Recruiting the exceptional candidate among fresher’s pool of graduates is a tedious and expensive job in highly populated country like ours , we at grades180 have solutions to a problem like these and design custom assessment using our in house consultant;  assessment like  for example

  • Critical Thinking
  • Decision making
  • Analytical
  • Attitude
  • Communication

And many more subjects to assess the right candidates for the right job , Our assessment is certified by  the  American Institute of Business Psychology .
Our consulting partner is Directive Communication International. Headed by Top Ten Leadership Speaker in the world Arthur F Carmazzi .
We have our consultants from all over the world who consults us with recruitment of fresher’s and experienced in terms of the leadership of the candidate is concerned.

Training and Onboarding

When it comes to training and onboarding we have larger responsibility at our hands and our success remains not only till onboarding but actually it starts in real term after onboarding;  until and unless we have satisfactory results in our hands we keep on fine tuning the process of upskilling, we are passionate about training as much as we are about recruitment and assessments, our constant analysis and fine tuning training is the real success pattern and time tested evolution which has garner the success rate we had in our past . Our model is based upon Tech Trainers and non tech behavioral experts working in tandem and designing the training ( OJT ) based upon the inputs , Our consultant has vast experience in upscaling a failing team and has ended being consulted in disaster management as last option in large BPO and Tech support and IT support several times after which the result has been upside down from the norm of being a mediocre  , Hire our in house Tech , Non Tech and Behavioral analyst cum trainers call us , we would be happy to hear from you .

Commercial support

We would appreciate for commercial support needed by your organizations we provide Management, Training and consulting (RECRUITMENTS) for your organization on revenue sharing basis, details of which can be worked out between the consultants of both the organizations . we would appreciate if you have any query regarding this , please mail us your query contact details from your organizations email , so that we can get back to ASAP.

Customization services

We believe in customization of any service that we provide ; however not limited and we believe that business develops with open mind and ready to serve mindset, which is our sole purpose towards the man kind , do share with us your ideas and proposal’s if you feel we can help , we are ready to analyze and provide you with solutions to the problems or potential business . talk to our Business  Development Analyst team today

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